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Education is a fundamental right of every one. Education is a chief weapon to change a nation. But, when money becomes a target rather than quality of education, then there we do have a serious problem. In our state Odisha education has become business. There are so many private schools and colleges in Odisha, who are following unethical ways to promote their institutional goal and financial benefits. With the development of so many admission agencies, brokers and consultancies students are biased in choosing a proper institution which is the milestone of their success. As a result many seats even in Government colleges having a good academic result are lying vacant.

This website ODISHASTUDENTS.COM is a small step by students and alumnis of various schools and colleges of Odisha, which is meant to provide available information about various Schools, Institutions and Colleges to students of Odisha and other states who are inerested to study in Odisha, and it came up with an idea that can change the ongoing trend.

When students and parents are choosing between schools, colleges and universities, it might be pretty overwhelming. It is not easy to make a good choice between the many options available in the state of Odisha. Our college rankings are based on objective information collected from students, alumni, parents and faculties through face to face discussions as well as through online feedback and surveys. These rankings are our own opinions and has no connection with any university or govt. We also declare that our college ranking don't take into account plenty of elements and factors that might not be objectively measurable yet we have tried our best to collect latest information. Our college ranking is just a tool to help you in making your decision, but we recommend you to use them wisely, and use them in a way that suits your own goals and desires. We encourage you to visit the campuses of the schools and colleges that you're considering and form your own opinions. Use this website to start your journey.

This site contains a list of govt. and private schools and colleges of odisha for information purpose only.
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